Valley Fever

Christmas break, 12 years ago, is when Carlos started getting sick. We thought it was the flu. His health progressively declined over the next six months. Our children were watching their daddy die slowly. I spent thousands on copays, treatments, medications, etc., and not one specialist, hospital, ER, doctor, urgent care, eye doctor, chiropractor, dentist, etc., ever mentioned Valley Fever. June 8, 2008, on his death bed, they discovered Carlos had meningitis. They told me that he wouldn't live through the night. They offered me chaplain services. They tested him for West Nile and Valley Fever. He lived through the night. About three days later, the doctor said he had Valley Fever and it was in his brain...Cocci-meningitis. There was fungus growing in his brain. I never heard of Coccidioidomycosis until my husband was laying on his deathbed. Sick? I ask you, please, request the test to rule out Valley Fever. Misdiagnosis is common because symptoms are like the flu. When diagnosed timely, recovery is possible. My husband is living with Chronic Cocci-meningitis. Over these past 12 years, my husband has knocked on deaths door several times. Let's avoid going there! 

P.S-You do not have to have all the symptoms. My daughter only had exhaustion and sore body. What symptoms do you have?

Common symptoms: -Fever -Cough -Rash -Headache -Chest pain -Body aches -Night sweats -Weight loss -Exhaustion -Muscle aches -Broncitis -Pneumonia

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