I'm running for California State Assembly representing the 34th District. My current assemblyman is a Republican whose policies are killing my husband and harming my community. Please help me hold him accountable.
I used to feel helpless.
Then I empowered myself...
I became a Valley Fever Advocate because we all deserve to know about the hazards of living in an endemic area.
Here's my family's story:

Activism and civic engagement are deep-rooted in my beliefs of a better tomorrow for all. I have committed to driving grassroots efforts to unite communities I represent throughout California. I’d like to apply my years of grassroots organizing experience to support the important issues that affect our community. I am committed to continuing pushing a platform that empowers vulnerable communities and the stewardship of our environment.

As a woman who’s been working with grassroots organizations, I believe I bring a unique perspective and approach to Sacramento. I believe the biggest issues facing us today are affordable housing, immigration, homelessness, lack of veteran services, the school to prison pipeline, the climate crisis, rising healthcare prices, and Valley Fever awareness. I strive to include marginalized communities to be part of the conversation. My goal is to enhance our civic participation in our community.

I will continue to work and ensure our political representation reflects our community’s progressive values and diversity. I humbly ask for your support, trust, and vote. Thank you,

Julie Solis

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