Tuesday, November 10, 2020 was the final listening session for the Bakersfield Police Department's Community Collaborative. My public comment is below:


Hello, My name is Julie Solis. We need to invest in our community and build trust. That starts with BPD following the law. Why is AB 953 not being implemented? SB's 1421 and 392 are LAWS that also go ignored. KC boasts itself on "law & order", yet, maliciously ignore laws that protect our community. We need to make sure that officers who violate the law cannot continue bouncing from department to department. We need to create a process to remove abusive police from the streets and protect people of color targeted by police violence. We need to reduce barriers to seek civil liability against police officers that violate a person’s civil rights. Kern County is no stranger to police brutality and obstruction of the civil rights of its residents. BPD is responsible for the climate. The hierarchy in Kern is apparent as our lawless officers stand subordinate to our "law and order". Kern County is #1 in the US for cops killing civilians. This is not to be proud of. We deserve better. We DEMAND A CITIZEN'S OVERSIGHT COMMITTEE! We demand structural reforms to end the corruption and abuses of power that allowed this criminal behavior in the first place. Kern County is notorious for its malice behavior. Last year in Kern County, there was 20 use of force incidents by single agencies in the county. We need changes and I fight for that! We will continue the fight! Let us live. We want to live!